Covid-19 Update:
Due to the global pandemic, we have temporarily changed the way we work in the salon.
This might mean it takes us a little longer to get you in, but your health and safety is our main priority.
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Gel Polish
BIAB Gel Polish
BIAB Gel Polish Infill
BIAB Gel Polish With Colour
BIAB Gel Polish With Colour infill
Nail Art
From £1
Gel Removal*

* £3 removal with a new set, if nails have ben done at enBeauté

HD Brows*
HD Brow Sculpt*
Brow Tidy
Brow Tint & Tidy*
Brow Tint*
Lash Tint*
Brow & Lash Tint*
Nouveau LVL Enhance*
Nouveau LVL Enhance* for 2 (per person)
Nouveau LVL & HD Brows*
Nouveau LVL & HD Sculpt*
Nouveau Extend
Nouveau SVS Lashes
Lash Infills 1hr
Lash Infills 1hr 30
Express Individual Lashes
Lash Removal
Strip Lashes & Application
* Lash removal free with a new set if lashed have been done at enBeauté
*A patch test is required 48 hours prior to services
Lip Wax only
Chin Wax Only